We ♥ Illinois Tech Faculty

Faculty members are making their mark on the students of Illinois Tech. Read on to learn some of the professors who have impacted our students. 

Alexander buffo 
(4th year ME)

"Professor Kallend is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He's always got a story to tell, he's smart as a whip, and he's got a great sense of humor. Even as he ages, he stays active and has the same chipper attitude every day. The man just broke a skydiving record in his 70s! He's more active than I am, and he's more than 50 years older than I am! Kallend leads a very fulfilling life, and I want to do the same with mine. The last thing I want is to look back on my life and wish I had done more with it."

Kathy Ho 

"Professor John Kallend and Professor Philip Nash have definitely been inspirations to me through my academic career at IIT. Both professors are highly knowledgeable in their fields of study and have a true passion for the materials science and engineering professions. Additionally, both professors possess the key component that makes a professor a true educator, which is the quality of caring for their students by attending to students’ needs and questions and nurturing us through the academics that we tend to struggle through. All in all, Professor Kallend and Professor Nash have both inspired me academically and professionally in the materials science and engineering field by implementing high standards and quality in the work that I do." 

Sage Bates 

"I would say the professor that inspires me most is Dr. Joyce Hopkins. Her knowledge base, along with her presentation/conversation style, make me want to listen and to learn more. She is also inspiring on a higher academic and professional level. While the content of class and details are discussed, she is always encouraging me to think as a researcher, practitioner, and overall as a professional."

Aishwarya Keshav 
(ARCH '16)

"Donna Robertson, my former studio professor, has been like a mentor to me. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but she has guided me with my professional/academic decisions. She has been extremely helpful, and I benefit immensely from her expertise and guidance."

Matthew Troemner (4th year ase)

The professor that inspires me most greatly is Dr. Modares; he is kind, an amazing teacher, and beyond knowledgeable. Not only is he incredibly smart, he is also able to explain what he knows in a way for his students to grasp.

Lauren Thornton (3rd Year, ME)

Professor Cammino is my favorite professor at Illinois Tech. He's really relaxed and funny but also makes sure you learn the material. I like that he also will stop in lecture to relate what we are learning to experiences he's had in industry. It's nice to get an idea of real-life scenarios for what we are learning.

Scott Rigg (4th Year ITMN)

James Papademas, an industry professor of Information Technology and Management, has been the professor who has inspired me academically and professionally. I have had him for multiple classes that all have to deal with software development. He has taught me more of what I know about programming than any other professor has. His classes kept me challenged in a way that kept me interested and engaged. There would be times where I wouldn't do anything else until I got the program working properly. I'd look forward to doing the work in the class and attending lecture. I feel like there is so much to learn from this professor and wish I could take more of his classes.

Kimberly Douglas (4th Year CHE)

My favorite professor is Donald Chmielewski. Since my freshman year he has inspired me to run for leadership positions within AIChE and to be more confident in my abilities, and he is always there to talk about anything.

Caleb Vick 
(4th year ARCH)

"Many of the architecture professors have done some incredible work, but perhaps the most inspirational professor I have had has been Jonathan Miller, my film professor. He inspires and challenges my thought process and the way I view and understand things, which has greatly changed the way I view my work and the way I see how my work affects me and others."

Claire Fraeyman 
(3rd year CE)

"A professor that I related well to and was inspired by was my physics professor, Sally Laurent. She was knowledgeable, engaging, communicated material well, and was understanding and inspiring. She was always talking about how "cool" physics was and how much she enjoyed being in a STEM field. I look up to her for her passion and I hope I can find a job that brings me as much joy as physics does for her." 

Andrew Liu 
(4TH year EE)

"I have great respect for Professor Mahesh Krishnamurthy, as his lectures cover both the academic coursework as well as how to approach a problem analytically. Professor Krishnamurthy frequently stresses the importance of producing practical solutions that give consideration to a plethora of factors, including the global market, supply of resources, and underlying issues and advantages that are associated with each approach."

Chengyu Zhang 
(AE '16)

"Dr. David R. Williams inspired me both academically and professionally. He is a great professor, an upright citizen, and a mentor to me. Dr. Williams taught me the importance of diligence, fairness, and many things in the academic field."

Elliot Hilgert (5th year ARCH)

Professor Tinucci, the 4th year Architecture Studio Curator inspires me. Professor Tinucci is a great person inside and outside of the classroom. He has taught me a lot about architecture and how to design, and has also inadvertently taught me how to be a great leader and role model. He constantly offers his time to any and all students who request it. Whether it be a question about architecture or just life in general, he is a great role model to look up to and makes studio a fun and enjoyable place to be. I can't express enough how much I, as well as other students, appreciate Professor Tinucci and am happy that we have the opportunity to learn from him.

Sangwook Lim (Doctoral Candidate, CHE)

My advisor, Dr. Wasan, encourages me every moment. Not only does he give useful suggestions or discussions concerning my academic career, but also he provides thoughtful and benignant advice about the personal life.

Veronica Torres (Doctoral Candidate BME)

A professor who inspires me both academically and professionally is Dr. Kenneth Tichauer. Academically, I am constantly challenged and learn a great deal from his classes. His passion in teaching molecular imaging has sparked my interest in the topic, and his mentorship has helped guide me to where I am today. Dr. Tichauer's early career success and impactful and novel work inspires me to do the same in my own research.

Sudeshna Sen 
(ARCH '16)

"One of my favorite classes at Illinois Tech has been Digital Photography taught by Lukasz Kowalczyk. The course introduced not only a new skill but also a different perspective of understanding architecture through combining it with other disciplines."

Muhammed Shuaibi 
(4th year CHEM)

"Professor Robert Anderson inspires me professionally as he motivates the class to aspire to bring change to society in the issues of energy, environment, and economics. He is able to do so by bringing these issues to a level we can understand and can visualize—only then are we able to bring a change in them."

Steven Lawless 
(3RD year AE)

"Of the professors I’ve had while at Illinois Tech, none quite compare to Professor John Kallend. I first met this professor at a new student’s dinner and found him to be a very unique individual. His teaching method and his take on life grab the attention and respect of many of his students. His stories of skydiving records have inspired me to enjoy the excitement of life and his knowledge and understanding of materials and mechanics inspired me during his lectures."

Amelia Chaltin (2nd Year BME)

Professor Benjamin Zion inspires me both academically and professionally. He teaches my chemistry class, and he's dedicated to making sure our class gets a full understanding of all of the concepts, even if that means getting off schedule and delaying homework. He also displays a passion for his subject that makes me, as well as other students, enjoy listening to his lectures and genuinely want to learn more chemistry.

Sunny Lin 
(4TH year EE)

"Professor Krishnamurthy is truly a great professor because he teaches us to think like engineers instead of just on how to solve book problems. He brings the classroom to life by including large amounts of applications and real-life experiences relating to the professional world. His class is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue the power industry as my profession."

Deion DeBose (CE '16)

Dr. Brent Stephens has been really inspiring. He is the professor that I did research under since my freshman year. Not only has he given me the opportunity to do research, but also my own project to start at such a young age. He has been a positive influence and sets a really good example of what it takes to succeed!

Sheree Emmanuel (4th Year, ARCH)

My first year studio professor, Amanda Williams, inspires me professionally and academically. She has a big passion for both the architecture and art that she produces. She is also very involved in volunteering and helping out, which i absolutely love about her. When I was in her class, she really pushed me to be the best.

Alexander Gooden (3rd Year, EE)

My differential equations professor, Paul Musial, inspires me to work harder in my classes from his passion for teaching mathematics. He is never in a dull mood and is always open for questions.

Michelle Shelby (2nd Year BHW)

I have two professors who inspire me. The first one's name is Amanda Easton. I had her last year and took three of her classes. She inspired me to change my major and to work with people with disabilities. I was so interested in the work she talked about in class that I decided that what she did was exactly what I wanted to do. Another professor who inspires me is Steven J. Stanard. He inspires me because he has done so much throughout his life, and he is 68 years old and still teaching. He has inspired me to take every opportunity that is thrown at me. He taught me that it is good to experience as much as possible.

Prosper Familia 
(4th year PS)

"Out of all the professors that I have had during my time at Illinois Tech, none have influenced and supported me more than Dr. Jonathan Rosenberg. It was Dr. Rosenberg who set me on the path to pursuing my current major, and it is Dr. Rosenberg who is currently assisting me in my search for an internship and a federal job."

Cristina Baciu 
(5th year PSYCH)

"Dr. Bob Schleser was the first professor who I met at Illinois Tech and the person who guided my first steps here. His genuine care for students and dedication to the field were truly inspirational."

Amna Bhatti 
(2nd year AE)

"My favorite professor is Kimberly Moulos, who teaches Inequality In America. As a member of several minority groups, I enjoy having a class in which I can discuss the hardships that minority groups face in America."

Nick Politis 
(5TH year CHEM)

"Dr. Aditya Unni (from the chemistry department) has been the most inspirational professor I've had the pleasure to work with on campus. Not only does he have boundless knowledge outside of his field, but he also has a great personality that brings passion to science."

Mohammed Hamze Sukkar 
(4TH year CE, EM)

"Professor Kallend is a great inspiration. He has recently made a world record in a sport of his passion, sky diving. In class, you can feel his passion toward the material he is teaching, Material Sciences, and outside of class, he is following his hobbies to the furthest and enjoying a fulfilling life. It is inspiring to learn under an individual who has been able to keep a well-balanced life of leisure, accomplishments, and academic excellency. Also, I love his humor."

Anoopa Sundararajan (3rd Year MATH)

Sari Gluckin and Margaret Power have both been incredible influences in my Illinois Tech life. Professor Power was one of the first people I thought of as a mentor to me at Illinois Tech. She invested time into me personally, and I am thrilled by her enthusiasm and vast breadth of knowledge and experience with what she teaches. Professor Sari Gluckin is a present influence on my life, and she has been a phenomenal teacher. I hope that our professional relationship will extend beyond this IPRO class, because her energy is infectious and I have been lucky to work with her this semester. Along with her co-coaches for our class, who are also incredibly knowledgable and insightful, she has made this IPRO class one that I will refer back to for many years to come as the true starting point of my professional life.


Heon Ki Cho (Doctoral Candidate, CHE)

I can definitely say that my advisor, Dr. Wasan, is the most inspirational teacher and researcher. He guides me toward a bright academic and research career with his plentiful experience and knowledge of the field. He inspires me to be a diligent, hardworking researcher, and thoughtful teacher.

Liliana Gordillo (3rd Year BME)

The professor who inspires me the most both academically and professionally is Dr. Promila Dhar. She works really well with her students, making sure that they understand everything she teaches fully. She tries to relate everything to real-life problems.

Andrei Dumitru (2nd Year CS)

Michael Saelee is by far my favorite professor so far! He's really open minded, and his teaching style is amazing! Furthermore, he is the academic advisor of the ACM Chapter, and he's helping us a lot!