Michael Lenardi
(ME '17)

A degree from Illinois Tech is worth so much more because of the life lessons we learn here. 

“I was born and raised in Chicago and love this city! When it came time to select a school, I was fortunate to have such a great engineering school right here in Chicago. I’m proud to be an Illinois Tech student because it helped me change as a person. Talking to alumni during my Phonathon job has had a profound impact on me. I love getting advice from them and hearing about how much campus has changed physically while still retaining a home-like family atmosphere. I’ve also learned from alumni how much Illinois Tech prepared them for the real world.” 


Adrian Dueñas Jr. (CE '19)

I graduated high school when I was 16 and came to Illinois Tech two months later. I thought it would be a rough transition, but the students and staff here made it a great experience. 

“I chose Illinois Tech because of its prestigious standing as an engineering school and diverse student body. One of my favorite things about the university is how much student pride there is here. Without the scholarships I received, I would have not been able to attend Illinois Tech and to have such great experiences in my first year. As a freshman I was presented with the Outstanding First Year Involvement award and the Clinton E. Stryker award. The scholarships I received made all those moments possible. I hope to eventually start my own business and travel the world.” 

Xavier John (CE '19)

I hope to leave Illinois Tech a leader capable of shaping a better world for mankind.

“My favorite part about Illinois Tech is the diversity of the campus and the range of opportunities to better yourself. Receiving scholarships granted me the opportunity to afford a higher education and reduce the amount of loans I have taken. My future goal is to work toward owning a construction company that uses innovative engineering to solve global problems. The biggest struggle I have overcome so far in my life is my injured knee. I taught myself to walk and run again, and today I am a proud member of Track & Field, breaking the Illinois Tech’s 4x400 record.” 

Akena Latigo
(CHEM '18)

Education is very important to me. It means a future and opportunity, it represents wisdom and culture, but most importantly it will allow me to pursue my dreams.

“Growing up with a single mother in Toledo, I thought college was out of reach at times. But when I received the STEM and Phi Theta Kappa scholarships from Illinois Tech, a world-class education became a reality for me. I work hard at both academics and athletics as a member of the basketball and track & field teams. I have met so many great people here. After college I hope to find a job in a national laboratory doing research in material chemistry and to travel the world.” 


Zimchim Agomoh (ME '17)

The diversity of Illinois Tech never stops amazing me—it's a beautiful sight. I once had a class where the students came from more than 20 countries.

"I’ve lived in four countries and visited more than 20 others. For me, traveling is a way of life. My mother went to Cambridge and wanted me to follow in her footsteps, but when I came to visit Chicago and heard about the small Illinois Tech campus, the IPROs, the opportunities, and the scholarships—this was the obvious choice. I hope to work on solutions for a variety of world problems and help bring about world peace. The education I receive at Illinois Tech and the diversity of people I meet on campus every day bring me closer to those hopes and dreams.” 

Yadid Gutierrez Huerta (CPE '19)

My greatest accomplishment is graduating valedictorian of my high school and being the first in my family to attend a private university.

"Attending Illinois Tech allows me to stay close to my Chicago roots while simultaneously receiving a high-level education. I live in a single-parent home. With my Heald and STEM+ scholarships, there is less pressure on my mother. With a degree from Illinois Tech, I hope to attain a job in the field of Computer Engineering. I hope to become a role model for younger female generations and prove to them that hard work will always pay off and not to be intimidated by the statistics.”